Club Captain wins Living Sport "Services to Sport" Award

BRJ Run and Tri Club Captain  Alan Hannibal has won the Living Sport Services to Sport Award  for his long service to our club, and his continuing support of all of its members. He took up running to enjoy it and keep fit. In 1988, as there were no running clubs in the area, he and a friend Sam Burrows  set up a club in Huntingdon. They met in the car park of the Working Men’s Club and took their name from it, BRJ. At first, they ran as a group of eight. Interest and membership grew, and the club thrived. Alan served as membership secretary for 15 years. He guided the club towards affiliation with England Athletics and getting it organised. He has been Club Captain for 25 years. He supports the sporting and social sides of the club and maintain links to other clubs in the area through competitions and leagues. He ensures the club remains friendly and welcoming to all. From modest ambitions BRJ has grown to a thriving club with 300 members and 100 junior members. We are grateful to Alan for starting the club and devoting 30 years to it.  

Alan organised club runs two evenings a week. Even today he seldom misses either. 

Alan has encouraged and supported many generations of beginners to get running and nurture them through the initial difficult stages of building fitness and confidence.

As Club Captain Alan has seen the social side of the club as a very important aspect of what BRJ contributes to local sports clubs and the wider community. He is well known and respected by all local running and athletic clubs. He supports local inter club leagues and events, helping recruit teams and promoting participation.    

Over his running career Alan has completed over 12 London Marathons, (5 under three hours). He admits that the half marathon is his race of choice, with over 150 completed to date. He has run every Great North Run since its inception in 1981, 37 in all.

For the last ten years Alan has recruited a group of club members to don fancy dress and run the Great North Run as a team to collect money for the club’s nominated charity. In this way thousands of pounds have been raised for charity.

Alan takes cross training seriously and loves getting on his bike, completing 100mile sportives with club members and organising evening and weekend bike rides. His enthusiasm has introduced cycling to runners and running to cyclists.

Alan is a regular at the local parkrun where he is often seen running with his daughter Cheryl (a very accomplished endurance runner) or with his grandchildren.

From small beginnings and modest ambitions BRJ has grown to a thriving club with 300 members and 100 junior members. The club developed a triathlon section to meet the demand for multi- sport training and racing. The club is thriving and as the local population is anticipated to almost double in size over the next decade is well placed to ensure newcomers will find a welcome in our club and an enthusiasm to help them run and have fun.  As we celebrate the club's thirtieth anniversary it is fitting we are delighted that Alan has received this prestigious award.

(Photo courtesy of Living Sport )