BRJ Run & Tri and Dews Coaches Junior Mini-Duathlon Series 2015


The inaugural junior mini-duathlon series was a huge success with all participants improving as the series progressed through the four rounds.


Way back on Monday 13th April, 24 competitors began the journey with Round One. The weather was bright, windy and cold, and being April, started to get dark early. The grass had been cut at lunchtime clogging most of the bike wheels and chains, making it difficult, but we all came through with smiling faces. It was a very competitive and successful start to the series.


Round Two in May and we had 25 competitors, including five first-timers. The ground was perfect for some fast racing. Dom Pauley, Ed Cochrane, Bea Pauley and CC Hime were once again dominating their respective categories. There were also some staggering improvements in time over the first round, special mentions go out to Megan Wilson, Alice Holmes and Isobelle Moore who all improved by over two minutes! Everyone improved on the bike, mainly due to the grass cutting and damp grass at Round One.


Round Three in June soon arrived and we were all expecting the progress to slow, but were pleased with even more improvements with 11 out of the 23 competitors posting their fasted times from all four rounds. Notable performances were Jodie Elliot, William Lawrence, Lauren Elliot, Lilly Odell and Noah Bradford who all improved by over two minutes.


Finally, in July and Round Four. It was the final round and everyone gave it their all, with as much enthusiasm as the first round. It was still all to play for to get a place on the podium, we had an amazing 23 competitors. Yet again, performance improvements surprised us all. Keelan Duffy improved by over two minutes and Megan Wilson, a very impressive three minutes and nine seconds.


The final results for the best three scores from four rounds are as follows and by age group.


8-9 Girls

8-9 Boys





Jodie Elliot

Ella Pawffrey

Isobelle Moore


Dom Pauley

Livio Mosca

Freddie Spavins

Jack Holmes


10-11 Girls

10-11 Boys






Bea Pauley

Lucia Mosca

Emily Cochrane

Charlotte Davis

Charlotte Petty

William Lawrence

Daniel Moore





12-13 Girls

12-13 Boys




Lauren Elliot

Lilly Odell

Alice Holmes

Ed Cochrane

Keelan Duffy

Alex Mitton


14-16 Girls

14-16 Boys



CC Hime

Megan Wilson

Daniel Mitton


There were also awards for most improved boy and girl throughout the series. This was very close but these went to two very determined athletes.

Most improved girl      Alice Holmes who improved by 4:24
Most improved boy
     William Lawrence who improved by 2:57


Deb and I would like to thank everyone who took part for making this a great success and for competing with a smile. Thanks also to the spectators and our helpers who made the series possible. 


Special thanks to our sponsors, Simon and Debbie Dew of Dews Coaches for providing such fantastic shields, trophies and medals. Final thanks to Tom Stead, our international athlete, who was very pleased and honored to be asked to hand out the trophies.

The series proved to be successful with positive feedback from the 30 competitors and supporters, one to be repeated next year, giving the opportunity for all the juniors to have a go and see what they can do, even if it’s a totally new discipline to them.


Well done everyone!


Roger Holliday
Junior Coach