BRJ Lockdown Relay Race Two

I hope all eleven teams are lining up for the start of Race Two in the Lockdown Relay Series.

The rules of the race will be familiar to you by now, Teams can race over a different 5K route from Race One . Team Captains make the final decision on this.

The Race week begins on Sunday 7th June and ends on Saturday 13th June.

Following the changes in Government guidance on Covid-19 England Athletics have altered their guidance to clubs. Runners can run together in groups of six. It is important that runners remain physically distant, 2 meters apart. Do not share transport to the start of the race, or water bottles etc you know the drill. Keep safe out there.

Team Captains can decide if the team of six run together or in smaller groups. They will be mindful of the race route and the ability to maintain physically distant from each other and from other users of the paths.

When all legs of the relay are complete Team Captains collate the results and send them to me.

So, teams can you keep up the pace or shave a few seconds off last the time for the first race?

Can you create a montage of photos of team members ensuring the best looking and most creative team? (Please send them to me as I have found the Hunts Post has pages to fill).

Have fun running together while staying apart.

England Athletics Guidance can be found on their website: