The BRJ Lockdown Relay

BRJ Lock Down Relay Series


The restrictions imposed in March in response to the global pandemic have stopped most of the club activities. Although these restrictions may be gradually eased over the next few months it remains uncertain when members can run together in groups and “normal” club activities can resume.

The BRJ Lock Down Relay Series provides an opportunity for members to take part in an event together while remaining apart.


Members will be able to join a team of six runners. There is no entry fee. Those wishing to enter, contact others, form a team  nominate a team captain. Following the guidance of the team captain each member will run the same prescribed 5k route. They will not run together but at a day of the week and at a time of their own choosing.  They will have one week to complete their run. Under current guidance two club members could choose to run together if they maintain physical distancing. Team members will submit their time for their run to the team captain who collates the results and submits them to the Race Director.

There are three categories of teams, Men, Women and Mixed

Age category will be calculated by the average age of the team members.

Team Captains
Those who wish to lead a team will be nominated as Team Captain. The team captain does not need to run the race and so could be involved while maintaining self-isolation. The team captain recruits the team of 6 runners, noting their names, email addresses  and ages.  

The team captain determines the 5K route of the " race". The route should be easy to navigate and one that is not too " crowded" with other users that may impede progress or intimidate other users. It should be close enough for team members' homes to avoid unnecessary travel).

Team members tell the Team Captain when they have completed their leg of the relay. Team captain collates the individual and overall time for the team and submits the collated results to the Race Director.
Race director collates all the teams’ times and calculates the results.
Results could be calculated in respect of gender and age category

The races will be held on alternative weeks on the following dates.

First Race Week beginning Sunday 24th May

Second Race Week beginning Sunday 7th June

Third Race Week beginning Sunday 21st June

Fourth Race Week beginning Sunday 5th July

Fifth race Week Beginning Sunday 19th July

These dates are provisional and dependent upon any further directions from government in respect of access to public spaces and physical distancing.