BRJ Handicap Penthlon Runners Riders and winners

After weeks of fierce competition, the inaugural BRJ Run and Tri Pentathlon drew to a nail biting finish in the third week of June.

Five events including running rowing and cycling were part of this multi-sport club competition with scores adjusted for age but sadly not for ability.

The careful application of a joker at one favoured event enabled competitors to increase their score by ten percentage points. This proved to be a crucial aspect of this closely fought competition.

Tony Farrow the instigator, organiser and tireless supporter of this innovation for the club brought his well know flair for organisation and enthusiasm for anything sporting to all five elements of the Pentathlon.   

The stated aims of the competition:

 to add some variety/interest to the BRJ Training Calendar

 to encourage individuals to take part in multi-discipline events

 to encourage some fun training events with a competitive edge, enabling competitors to compete on a like for like basis with age adjusted timings

were fully realised.   

With the final events completed and the scores calculated Tony and Jane Farrow hosted a Club barbecue at their home in Alconbury following a popular Hash Run.  

David Thomas (Club Chairman) thanked Tony, Jane and all the supporters and helpers for this great competition.  He awarded prizes to the winners and the runners up. 

From a total of 42 competitors two people caught the judges eye for their enthusiasm and determination. Anna Best and Jez Bottley won the well deserved “Gritty Competitor” Prize for women and men respectively.

Mel Wiffin claimed the third-place women’s Trophy (311.1points) with Annette Newton in second place (326points). In first place and the winning woman with an unassailable 331.9 points was Frankie Lasman.

In the men’s competition Philip Graham-Clare score of 330.5 points took him to third place just behind the runner up and increasingly aged David Newton (331.1 points). The men’s winner with an amazing 334.9 points was Cy Gearing.

All present agreed that the competition should become a regular feature in the BRJ calendar. Support for the inclusion of swimming next year was almost unanimous although there were doubts about Tony’s suggestion of Line Skating.

 Some huge thanks again to Tony and Jane for organising the event and hosting the barbecue and the awards evening.