Beatrice Pauley wins Eastern Region Children’s League

Ten BRJ juniors raced at WiTri on Sunday 14th which is an Eastern League Triathlon at Whittlesey and achieved 2 podium successes.

Beatrice Pauley, age 12, came 1st in Tristar 2. This is Beatrice’s 5th win in the British Triathlon’s Eastern Region Children’s League meaning she has now won the League coming 1st girl in the Tristar 2 category for 2016. Dominic Pauley, age 10, couldn’t quite match his sister’s win, but he had the fastest run of the day and took 3rd place in Tristar 1.

Jemima Davey, age 8, narrowly missed out on the podium coming 4th in the Tristar category. Isobel Moore, age 9, had a great race coming 7th in Tristar 1. Freddie Spavins, age 9, came 9th in Tristar 1. Danny Drake, age 9, completed his first triathlon coming 17th in Tristar 1. Charlotte Davis, age 11, came 14th in Tristar 2 whilst Daniel Moore, age 12, came 16th in the same category.  Edward Cochrane, age 13 sprinted into 8th place in Tristar 3 and Havana Miller, age 13, who has just come back from injury, achieved a well deserved 9th place in same category.

Junior Head Coach, Simon Moore, said, "our juniors continue to make us proud. I love that they enjoy sport and challenge themselves with these tough league races."

Here's Edward Cochrane in action! Well done to everyone and thanks to Esther Pauley for the report.