30th Anniversary challenge

Rules for 30th BRJ Anniversary  30 Day Challenge

September 2018



To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of BRJ, it has been decided to run a 30 day exercise challenge. For those that complete the challenge, they will be entered into a prize draw. The 30 day challenge will run from 1st – 30th September 2018.  This will also be a fundraiser for the BRJ nominated charity – Myaware.  This is a fun challenge for all BRJ and it is hoped that many BRJers will organise or suggest informal activities that can happen each day during the month of September to encourage social participation in sports. 

So, if you are going out for a run, bike ride, swim or walk, let us know, so that we can put it on the BRJ FB/web page and then everyone can join in.  Events will be advertised through FB and BRJ website.  See list of fun events that have so far been planned attached.


There will 2 challenges – senior and junior. The cost to enter for adults is £5 and for juniors (U18) is £3. Anyone that completes the challenge will be entered into a prize draw. The first 3 names ‘drawn out of the hat’ from the seniors and junior’s categories will receive a prize. Prize to be given out at the final day of the challenge at the Abbots Elm on Sunday 30th September.

There will also be an optional celebratory T Shirt that can be bought for £12 (Juniors) and £15 (Adults).



Sunday 30th September - 30th Anniversary Celebratory Run, Brunch and Prize Draw at The Abbot's Elm, Abbots Ripon. 9am run and 10am brunch.  Run for free, £5 for brunch to be payable on the day. All welcome whether you are taking part in the challenge or not. Run, run and eat or just eat! All proceeds to Myaware.  We will need know numbers for brunch nearer the time (details to follow)



  1. All entrants must be BRJ Members and must pay £5/£3 (Adult/Junior).  To be paid to BRJ account 50800168  Sort Code  309447 and referenced with name of participant to ensure payment has been made.   If we cannot evidence payment for the form, this will exclude you from the Prize Draw.  By referencing what you are paying for ie Challenge Form, or Celebratory T Shirt will also help greatly due to the proceeds going to MyAware Charity.
  2. A competition sign off form can be downloaded along with the rules from BRJ website/this email.  The forms will also be given out on 1st September at the BRJ Park Run take over, from one of the BRJ committee members for cash payment of £5/£3. Click here to download
  3. Every day for the month of September some form of exercise must be carried out and noted on the competition form and signed off in the relevant space. It can be signed by anyone eg partner, parent, friend – the idea is it is ‘fun’ and you are entering into the spirit of the competition.  No completed paid signed form, NO PRIZE DRAW.
  4. The form of exercise can be running, walking, swimming, cycling, rowing, yoga, pilates….you name it, it can be included. Volunteering in a sports related activity also counts eg at parkrun, track, coaching session, marathon.
  5. The exercise must be at least 15 minutes.  For example a warm-up walk , run for a mile, and then a warm-down walk.  Or 15 min strength and conditioning workout. Or a 15 min plank if you so desire!
  6. All entries that have all 30 days of exercise signed off on the form, will be entered into either the junior or senior prize drawn. The first 3 names in each category will win a prize.  If you do not complete some exercise every day, don’t worry, you won’t be entered but hopefully you have still had fun.
  7. Anniversary celebratory T Shirt will be sold separately if you should wish to purchase.  Would you please order before Monday 20th August in order to ensure delivery.  Orders to be referenced 30th Anniversart T shirt through the BRJ Accounts, in order to keep the charity proceeds separate.  Junior T Shirts will cost £12  (youth sizes) and Senior T Shirts will cost £15. 
  8. To order T Shirts following payment to BRJ accounts, please email   anna_douglas88@hotmail.com so that she can order them.  Brj kit account is: 50800168    Sort Code  309447.
  9. The T Shirt will include dates 1988 – 2018 and details, swim, run and bike motifs.




To encourage the social participation in this event, we are encouraging members to organise and advertise activities for each day.  If you have any ideas to add to the calendar then please contact through FB or let one of the committee members know of your idea so the committee can decide the practicalities and add to calendar if possible.  The calendar will be on the BRJ website. During the month of September, activities can be advertised on Facebook.