The Running Programme for Beginners 2019
07/01/19 7:30pm - A presentation in the Assembly Room, Huntingdon Town Hall
14/01/19 7:00pm - First run of the Beginners Programme from Riverside Car Park
21/01/19 7:00pm - Beginners Programme continues every Monday until mid-September (excluding bank holidays). Meet in the car park for the Acorn Centre here on the map.

New to running or getting back after a long absence? Why not come to the BRJ Run and Tri Club's Beginner's Presentation?

You may have envied the grace and elegance or some of our elite athletes or felt sympathy for the slow determination of the "jogger" passing on the pavement. You may have memories of childhood when running was such a part of play, or of grim days of PE when running was imposed as a bleak form of punishment.

It is not by chance that running has become very popular. In 2014 research found over 4 million people had taken up running in the UK. The reasons are not hard to find: running is fun, sociable and healthy; it does not cost a lot to do and can become a regular part of your day. Just lace up your shoes and get out the door. Running regularly brings a host of health benefits for the heart and lungs as well as stronger bones and joints. Combined with a healthy diet it will aid weight loss which you will begin to feel when you run. Running is also relaxing. It is a way of getting out from under those other demands and stresses of the day and leaving them behind for a while.

Convinced of these benefits some people are keen to start running: just a mile or so to get started. Sadly, they discover that just running round the corner feels like a mile. Some press on and end up getting injured. So the trainers are retired to the cupboard and the ambition resigned to "I tried it once but I couldn't do it".

Are you interested in running but wondering where to start? How to avoid getting injured, being put off or discouraged? Come along to our presentation on 7th January.

From Monday 14th January BRJ will be putting on its annual Beginner's Programme which has been designed to guide and support you at every stage on the way to becoming a runner. The programme is based upon sound principles of running fitness and technique. The initial phase will be twelve-fourteen sessions progressing through walking and running with the aim of everyone achieving the initial goal of running non-stop around the 5K of the local parkrun at Hinchingbrooke Park during the school Easter holidays in April.

After the Easter holidays the programme will continue to increase distance and duration to achieve the tarket of running continuously for 60 minutes. During the summer there will be some additional coached sessions at St Ives running track to build speed and endurance. The ultimate goal is for the beginners to fit in with the existing pace groups of the regular Monday-night running group by the time the decreasd daylight on autumn evenings prevents running off-road. By now you will be equipped to progress to longer distances if you want to, the running world is your oyster...

The training programme you will follow involves weekly meetings with the group on Monday evenings, then repeating the sessions twice independently each week. In previous years participants on the course arranged to meet up in smaller groups to complete these repeating sessions together, they became running buddies.

The course fee is £25 (the fee is to become a member of BRJ Run and Tri Club from January 2019 until the end of the 2019-2020 membership year on 31st March 2020) for coached sessions from 14th January to mid-September; there won't be coached sessions on the Bank Holiday Mondays, but there will be a number of additional coached sessions at the running track in the summer. If you are already a BRJ member the course is free, but you still need to register. Beginners and exisiting BRJ members should register at MemberMojo.

The most difficult part of any training programme is deciding to give it a go. We at the BRJ are devoted to our sports and would love you to join us and to get running.

Why not contact Simon at and find out more.