Club championship and performance awards

The Club Running Championship and Performance Awards Scheme was introduced in 2008 with the aim of:

  • Encouraging club member's participation in a more varied mix of race events and distances.
  • Encouraging "friendly competition" between members, despite of differences in age and gender, and in turn increasing an individual's motivation & performances. 
  • Increasing the visibility of the BRJ Club at events and the potential for members to achieve individual and Team Awards.

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Rules Of The 2019 Club Championships

  • The 2019 Annual Running Championship will be run over a 9 month period commencing on the 1st April 2019.
  • The Championship is open to all First Claim club members
  • Individuals must complete 4 (four) events from a list of "nominated" events.
  • An individual's final score shall be calculated using the total of their best 3 (three) age / gender graded scores.
  • The race finish times that will be scored shall be those taken from the official published race results (i.e. gun time). Chip timing will be used, where available.
  • Only results that record the individual competing as a BRJ member will be scored. If a BRJ member completes a race under the name of another person, the result will be disallowed.
  • Finish times will be converted into an age / gender percentage score using the Howard Grubb WMA March 2018 edition
  • Self-timed races will not be eligible.
  • Clothing shall be worn that identifies you as a member of BRJ.


Junior & Youth (15-18) Qualifying Events For 2019: 

January 26th: (Youth) Any parkrun
January 27th: (Junior) Any junior parkrun
February 23rd: Any Parkrun
March 24th: (Junior) Thorney 3k (Youth) Thorney 10k
April 7th: (Junior) Cambourne 1m (Youth) Cambourne 10k
May 6th: (Junior) BRJ Charity 1.5m (Youth) BRJ Charity 5m
June 30th: (Junior) Ramsey 2.1k (Youth) Ramsey 10k
July 3rd: (Junior) Peterborough GP Series 3k (Youth) Peterborough GP Series 5k
August 17th: Any parkrun
September 10th Any Parkrun
October 13th: Peterborough Great Eastern Run 5K
November 9th: (Youth) Any parkrun
November 17th (Junior) Any junior parkrun OR St Neots 3k
December 8th: Frostbite #3 - Hinchingbrooke Park (Junior) 1.5m (Youth) 5m


Senior Qualifying Events For 2019:

January 20th: Any parkrun 5k
February 25th: Tarpley 20M
March 25th: Thorney 10K
April 7h: Sandy 10M or Cambourne 10k
May 6h  BRJ Charity 5M
June 30th Ramsey 10k
July 3rd Peterborough Grand Prix 5k series Ferry Meadows
July 7th Fen Gallop 10k
August 18th Thorney 5M or Kimbolton Half Marathon
September 7th Any parkrun
October 13th Great East Half Marathon
November 17th St Neots Half Marathon
December 7th Any parkrun
December 22nd Eaterside 10k 
April -December 2019 Any full marathon UK or overseas.
(Only one marathon will count towards the final score.)



Championship Awards

The Senior awards available are:

  • Champion Man and Champion Lady
  • Runner-Up (Man and Lady)
  • Third Place (Man and Lady)
  • Age Category Winners (Man and Lady)
  • "Most Personal Bests" of the Championship (Man and Lady)


Dispute Resolution

In the event of a tie when calculating the final scores, the following criteria will be used to determine the final positions:

   i)  Compare the average points for all events completed across an equal number of races. The individual with the highest average percentage will win.
  ii)  If the position is still tied after applying the test at (i) above, the individual with the highest total number of completed eligible events will take precedence.
  In the event that there is any dispute, the arbiter shall be the Club Captain, whose decision shall be final.


Performance Awards Scheme

In conjunction with the Running Championship there will be a Performance Awards Scheme.

If an individual achieves a finish position in the Running Championship they will receive a certificate based on their level of achievement against the pre-determined set of criteria detailed below:


Award Level

Award Criteria

Club Standard

The average of the total score for their best 4 events fall below 50%


The average of the total score for their best 4 events fall between 50% to 59.99%


The average of the total score for their best 4 events fall between 60% to 69.99%


The average of the total score for their best 4 events fall between 70% to 74.99%


The average of the total score for their best 4 events fall between 75% to 79.99%


The average of the total score for their best 4 events fall at 80%, or more