Hash Run

Thursday, June 21, 2018 - 19:00
Alconbury Cambridgeshire PE29
United Kingdom

This run will hopefully be a fun training event consisting of approximately 6km of fartlek type running followed by 2.5km of normal training run with loop backs.  The starting location will be at neat the Southern footbridge near the junction of Coton Road and Frumetty Lane, Alconbury, parking will be available nea the brook/under the A1 bridge.

Following the training run, you are invited to Tony Farrow’s house in Alconbury to enjoy a well-deserved small BBQ of burgers or sausages in a roll and salad and an alcoholic or non-alcoholic beer or soft drinks. 

Please let Tony know if you wish to attend the BBQ and drinks by informing him on the Training Run on Monday 13th or Monday 20th July, or the Track Training on Wednesday 15th July.  Alternatively, send an e.mail to tfarrow17@hotmail.com.

The map link shown is for the approx start location.

Route distance: 
8.50 Km
Starting location: 
Alconbury, Cambs, PE28 4DP

Tony's Hash run and bbq details to be confirmed